CV – Dr. Roberto Ruffa – CSEM

CV – Dr. Roberto Ruffa

Prof.dr. Roberto Ruffa
Italian citizen
born in Turin Italy in 1965
Graduated in Medicine and Surgery Univ. Turin 1990
Specialized in Prosthetic Surgery at the Univ. of Florence 1994
Enrolled in the Register of Physicians Surgeons Order in Turin , Italy
Graduated SMIEM Diploma School of Aestethic Medicine AGORA ‘MILANO
Certified Expert in Laser Surgery and Laser Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine
Graduated course Botulinic Toxine AGORA Milan
Member AITEB (Italian Association for Botulinum Toxine practice )
Italian Qualification Course for permission of the use of blood platelet implants
Certified U.S.A. Botulinum toxin Botox® for U.S.
Abilitation Doctor for Vasershape USA
Abilitation Trainer Vasershape USA
Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Qualification Swiss Confederation MEBECO
Fellow Medinars USA
Past Professor at the Master of Aestethic Medicine Lumsa University Rome
Past Director of the Master in Laser Aestethic Surgery of the Unipace Rome University
Past Professor at the Master in Aesthetic Surgery School of Specialization in Plastic
Surgery University of Parma
Academic Member of the Scientific Board of the Lumsa University
Live Stages Tutor SIES (Italian Society for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine)VALET
Bologna in Aesthetic Medicine
Tutor for Italy and International Educational Endolift® for Eufoton
Professor Unicusano University Level II University Master in Aesthetic Medicine
Teacher of Upainuc University Rome Training Courses in Aesthetic Medicine
English spoken and written French spoken and written
Trainer in courses of Aesthetic Laser Surgery, Botulinum Toxin, Filler and Ultrasonic
lipolytic methods.
Speaker at international congresses on medicine and cosmetic surgery.
Main activity on Laser Assisted Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery as a freelancer in
healthcare facilities in Italy and abroad